Pulsar Accolade 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Imaging Biocular

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Product Description

This second-generation Accolade retains all of the tried and tested features of the original Accolade LRF XP50 but has the new <40mK NETD thermal sensor.

New <40mK Thermal Sensor

By now, most thermal users are familiar with the sensor resolution of a device e.g. 384x288, and also the pixel pitch e.g. 17µm. The improvement of these new Series 2 devices concentrates on a key specification of thermal sensor technology – the NETD value.

The NETD (Noise Equivalent of Temperature Differential), expressed in millikelvins (mK) is one of the most important parameters for thermal sensors as it describes their sensitivity. The lower the NETD value, the higher the sensitivity.

In existing Helion, Trail and Accolade series models the NETD value was sub 60mK. The new <40mK sensor, exclusively manufactured by ULIS for Pulsar puts Pulsar devices at the forefront of the market with the devices all featuring a better image in conditions where there is a low-temperature difference such as during rainfall, fog or cold mornings. These environmental conditions are the most difficult for thermal imagers and this new sensor will provide a clearer image for users.


Key Specifications

Magnification: 2.5x to 20.0x (Digital)
Horizontal and Vertical Field of View (without zoom): 12.4°
Detection Range: 1800m
Thermal Sensor: 640x480 17µm <40mK

In brief the Accolade LRF Series Features:

- User-friendly interface
- Three observation modes - City, Forest, Identification
- Three calibration modes – Manual, Semi-automatic, Automatic
- Built-in Wi-Fi module
- Stream Vision Compatible
- Eight colour palettes for enhanced observation
- Variable interpupillary distance
- Smooth and incremental digital zoom
- built-in 1000m eyesafe Laser Rangefinder
- Frost resistant AMOLED display
- Functional and ergonomic design
- Wide range of operating temperatures (-25°C to +50°C)
- Built-in video recorder
- Wi-Fi video transmission
- Live internet video sharing
- Dual eyepiece configuration
- Long Detection Range
- High Resolution Sensor
- Fully Waterproof IPX7
- Quick-change long-life rechargeable battery packs
- Picture in Picture mode

Stream Vision Compatible.

The free Stream Vision App is compatible with both Android and IOS systems, which allow users to stream video and images in real time to YouTube, whilst also being able to transfer files, update important firmware and control the device remotely.

High resolution sensor.

The Accolade XP50 is fitted with a 640x480 17µm thermal sensor – that provides highly detailed images.

Built-in Wi-Fi module.

The Accolade devices can be controlled remotely and can be connected directly to a smartphone or tablet, increasing and enhancing features, turning this unit into a hot spot.

Observation Modes.

The optimisation of images can be performed dependent on the environment, location and conditions. Whether it be mountains, cities or forests, there are different ambient temperatures and this device features various observation modes, which allow the user to achieve high image quality, including the identification preset, making identifying easier at longer distances.

Built-in Video Recorder.

To film your experience, the Accolade devices feature the built-in video recorder, capturing footage that you can easily share with others.

Calibration Modes.

There are three calibration modes that can be used, which reduces and eliminates redundant signals, whilst improving the overall image quality. The three modes of calibration that can be used include automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

Wi-Fi video transmission & live internet video sharing.

This function allows for the user to broadcast a video signal directly to a smartphone or tablet, making remote observation easier. Being able to view the footage from a tablet or smartphone makes this an excellent feature for convenience.

Also, connecting the device with a smartphone or tablet gives access to the internet and live stream video directly to YouTube.

Integrated laser rangefinder.

Laser rangefinding (LRF) technology is available on some Accolade models, which provides a precise distance through the use of two modes - Single Time Measurement and scanning. The scanning mode allows for quick distance adjustments, providing the user with a better shot.

Long detection range.

The Accolade devices use benefit its users from having a long detection range, which is important in outdoor environments. With excellent optic quality and a high resolution thermal imaging sensor, the Accolade models deliver the longest detection ranges.

Custom Colour Palettes.

The Accolade Series includes eight custom colour modes, which enhance the viewing on the devices, dependent on the conditions. The Series uses the versatile "White Hot" mode, whilst the "Hot Black" mode is used for detecting wildlife during night time conditions. "Red Monochrome" reduces and prevents bright back-light from exiting the eyepiece. "Sepia" improves long range observation, whilst "Rainbow" and "Ultramarine" enhance temperature differences and "Violet" identify objects much faster.

Frost Resistant AMOLED display.

Designed for use in extreme weather and temperature conditions. The image can retain a high contrast and vivid colours without the loss of frame rate.

Variable Interpupillary Distance.

This allows the user to adjust the distance between eyepieces, which gives an individual fit improving viewing comfort and quality.

Quick-change long-life rechargeable battery packs.

The quick change battery-release mechanism means you can change batteries easily and efficiently. The rechargeable IPS5 battery pack provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation in Wi-Fi mode.

Smooth and incremental digital zoom.

The smooth and incremental zoom is ideal for a quick and detailed zooming.

Fully waterproof.

The Accolade devices have an IPX7 waterproof rating and have undergone rigorous tests to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Stadiametric Rangefinder.

Helping to estimate range to an object based on its size. The advanced interface provides important information within just a few seconds.

Picture-in-Picture Mode.

This mode provides a second magnified reticle-area image, meaning that the observer can see magnified target details without the loss of the field of view.