Zeiss DiaScope 85 T* FL Angled with Vario D 20-60x Zoom Eyepiece


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Product Description

Zeiss DiaScope 85 T* FL Angled with Vario D 20-60x Zoom Eyepiece.

DiaScope 85 T* FL Angled Telescope Body 528065.

This superlative optic has a large diameter lens and maximum low light capability to satisfy sophisticated observers of nature.

Overcome long distances with concentrated visual power and enjoy the fascination of swallows, owls and other animals until deep into the twilight.

Even in the poorest light conditions the Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL offers impressively bright images and clear colours.

Thanks to the flexible range of eyepieces you can maintain a clear view of the detail both close up and over the longest distances.

Bringing the distance closer:

Enjoy the fascination of the new Vario eyepiece.

The magnification of up to 60 x together with an outstanding field of view brings nature closer to you.

Rapid focussing:

Quick and precise focussing with a single operating knob. Two focussing speeds are combined in one single knob, designed for intuitive use.

Brilliant FL concept:

Extremely brilliant colours and unrivalled image brightness are the hallmarks of the Victory DiaScope, thanks to the FL concept.  

Vario D 20-60x Eyepiece 528067.

The high image brightness combined with the large field of view and lightweight are impressive features of the compact Vario eyepiece D 20-60x.

The variable magnification settings make this eyepiece immensely versatile to use.

With the Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL the magnification range increases to between 20 and 60x.

Thanks to the bayonet catch, it is impossible to release the eyepiece accidentally.

Simply press the release button and the eyepiece can be quickly and easily removed with a gentle twist.

The eyepiece is fitted with comfortable eyecups and is also ideally suited for glasses wearers.