Night Master Eclipse 1000 Rechargeable Long Range Light


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Product Description

Night Master Eclipse 1000 Rechargeable Long Range Hunting Light 100820.

Eclipse hunting lights and infrared (IR) illuminators were developed by Night Master in the UK and in collaboration with professional night hunters and gamekeepers worldwide. They wanted more from a hunting light. So we listened...

They wanted a long-range light that would be directly rechargeable, with a quiet button, rapid on/off function, changeable LEDs, easier beam focusing, a low battery indicator, better grip on the body, faster mode selection, reliable mode memory and an indicator light to show that an infrared beam is active.

An Eclipse hunting light includes all the above features and more. It uses patent pending technology, making it one of the most advanced and easy-to-use hunting lights in the world. A light to eclipse others.

Convex glass lens which produces a concentrated beam.

Indents for easy grip when focusing beam.

Removable LEDs, meaning other LEDs can be used.

Rechargeable battery tube via Micro USB.

Deep knurling for excellent grip.

Intelligent switch with Multi functional indicator light, fast on/off functions, easy mode selection, mode memory function, hidden S.O.S emergency flashing function and quiet operation.

Improved runtime offering you 6 hours on the highest output mode from two 18650 batteries.

Upgraded LEDs from the previous Night Master torches giving you a better and brighter beam.