Gaelforce Equalizer Spey Line with 54ft/16.45m Head

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Product Description

Equalizer Spey line 54ft/16.45m head.

Gaelforce Equalizer supreme quality 54ft/16.45m head range was specifically designed and extensively tested with today’s modern angler in mind, a high performance durable line.

A superbly balanced, practical and user friendly Spey line range, between 34 grams/532 grains and 46 grams/710 grains.

Ground breaking proprietary formula coating applied to a unique super supple line core, allows the line to float higher, shoot further, containing a slickening agent which migrates to the lines exterior ensuring slickness and giving enhanced durability.

Front and rear compact welded loop, a very neat and strong welded loop front and rear for easy changeovers or for adding tips, it passes through the rod guides with minimum disturbance.

High visibility Twin coloured with slick running line, helps to easily identify the optimum loading point ensuring consistent casting.

Highly advanced tapering system allows for perfect "Equalized" balance during flight, generating higher line speed, tighter loop formation and effective turnover, with or without tips.

The authenticity of the designs for practical everyday use is guaranteed as all Gaelforce products have been specifically tested in real world situations by experienced anglers.