Riverge Grand Max Soft-Plus

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Product Description

Grand Max Soft-Plus is the latest offering from Kureha and is softer and 10% stronger than the very popular Riverge Grand Max.

It has a very high resistance to abrasion on rocks and knots and casts very well.

Although originally formulated for saltwater fishing it is now considered to be ideal for salmon and trout fishing as it is completely invisible in water.

Available in 50m spools.

Diameter Rating Strength(lb) Length(m)

0.165mm    5X        6.6lb          50m
0.185mm    4X        8.2lb          50m
0.218mm    3X      10.4lb          50m
0.235mm    2X      13.7lb          50m
0.260mm    1X      15.9lb          50m
0.285mm    0X      18.1lb          50m
0.330mm  01X      19.8lb          50m
0.370mm  02X      24.2lb          50m