Opticron GS 665 GA/45 Fieldscope with HDF 16-48x Eyepiece and WP Case

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Product Description

GS 665 GA/45 Fieldscope with HDF T 16-48x Zoom Eyepiece and Waterproof Case.

Introduced in response to demand for high quality lightweight waterproof telescopes the Opticron GS 665 series set the standard for people wanting to take-out and walk-about with their equipment whether for birdwatching or general wildlife observation. They are designed and manufactured to meet the three main requirements demanded by today's active fieldscope user: high-end optical performance, usability and reliability.

'High end' optical performance and value.

The GS 665 uses a 66.5mm dia objective lens without any noticeable gain in size or weight over a 65mm. With a 5% more light entering the telescope, more light is emitted, resulting in brighter images compared to a standard 65mm throughout the magnification range. 100% designed and manufactured in Japan using high quality glass and other materials, each GS 665 produces high resolution images with minimal edge distortion and accurate colour reproduction.


The GS 665 is designed to provide class winning optical performance seamlessly in even pretty harsh conditions. Protected by full body natural rubber armour, the centrally positioned focusing wheel allows easy access for both right and left handed users and is rubber covered to deliver a positive feel with or without gloves. The focusing system is designed to allow adjustment from infinity to 50 metres in just a 270° turn with close focus set at 4m. Housed within the same mechanism is a 9:1 ratio focus adjuster, providing greater focusing accuracy at top end magnifications.

More often than not, telescopes need to be tripod mounted for image stability so any weight saving is crucial. Constructed to be as light as possible, the standard GS 665 weighs less than 1kg (w/o eyepiece) and as a result can be used comfortably on a standard ‘non fluid’ panhead often found on Clamps or Travel Tripods. In addition each GS is fitted with a -/+ 90° rotating die-cast alloy tripod sleeve with 45° incremental 'stops'. This feature enables the scope to rotate around its’ central axis for accurate positioning when mounted to a bipod or on a clamp in a Hide or Blind. To avoid problems of reflected light on the objective lens in bright sunlight models are fitted with a retractable lens hood with integrated objective lens cover.


Extensively tested for continuous trouble free use in varying temperatures, the models are fully nitrogen gas filled waterproof and come with the assurance of a 30 year guarantee.

GS 665 GA/45 Telescope.

Product Code: 40961.
OG dia(mm): 66.5.
Min Focus(m): 3.8.
Length(mm): 326.
Weight(g): 980.
RRP: £299.00.

HDF Eyepiece.

Product Code: 40862.
Apparent FOV(°): 40-58.
Eye relief(mm): 22-17.
Eye lens dia(mm): 24.
Length(mm): 76.
Weight(g): 206.
RRP: £199.00.

Stay-on-the-scope water resistant case in black.

Water resistant multi-layer padded cases individually designed to fit each model. Protects instrument while fitted to a tripod and in use. Includes removable end caps and adjustable carry strap.

Product Code: 40971.
Colour: Black.
RRP: £65.00.