Daiwa Lexa Fly Rods


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Product Description

Lexa Fly.

Combining the skills and knowledge of Hywel Morgan with British design and rod making sees the amazing LEXA collection ready to serve across every discipline of fly fishing.

Utilising Daiwa’s unique HVF; high volume fibre, we have been able to craft four choices of fly rod style with real touches of refinement. The River Specials are two 9’ models with dedicated ratings of #4 and #5. Leading with distinctly responsive tips they allow for faster line pick up and swifter application of casting power for short, sharp, accurate casting.

The Nymph Specials at 8’ and 9’ utilise a similar ‘tip feel’ but incorporate a 1’ intermediate section that extends and transforms the performance of each model. This lends them well to French Leader set ups as well as standard lines. It also lets the angler quickly adjust to suit changing conditions or presentation requirements.

For the stillwater angler, offering five single rated models at 9’6” to 10’ it is the versatility within each rod to fish across the spectrum of line densities, from floating to intermediate and deeper. However the 10’ models will handle the broadest span of lines, such is the challenge faced by the modern competition angler.

Rounding off the collection is as an amazing Switch rod. Its length of 11’3” may have originally been favoured by loch style anglers but today it is likely to be better suited to sea trout or grilse on smaller rivers and spate waters. Use it single handed with ease but a simple application of the extension handle option and you will be able to roll cast and cover runs like a double handed rod.

HVF ‘high volume fibre’ carbon construction.
Dedicated ranges per fishing style.
All four section construction.
Stainless steel snakes.
Travel tube with compartments.
Alconite stripper guides.
Original owner lifetime guarantee.

Model                       Style              Length     Wgt (ozs)    Aftm     Sections
LXRSF904-AU        River Special          9’            3.1            4          4      
LXRSF905-AU        River Special          9’            3.3            5          4      
LXNSF08093-AU    Nymph Special        8’/9’        3.2            3          4+1  
LXNSF091034-AU  Nymph Special        9’/10’      3.5            3/4       4+1  
LXSWF966-AU       Stillwater Special    9’6”         3.9            6          4      
LXSWF967-AU       Stillwater Special    9’6”         3.9            7          4      
LXSWF968-AU       Stillwater Special    9’6”         3.9            8          4      
LXSWF1007-AU     Stillwater Special    10’          4.0            7          4      
LXSWF1008-AU     Stillwater Special    10’          4.0            8          4      
LXSWF11378-AU   Switch Rod             11’3”       6.5            7/8       4